Filmsteden | Londen

Rudi de Boer
Wed 19 Jun 19:30
19 Jun

How are cities represented in films? This film course highlights how filmmakers use or break urban clichés. Discover how the cities of Paris, London and New York influence our film experience.

London will be discussed during this course evening.

This course is in Dutch.

What would films like Taxi Driver, Manhattan and You've Got Mail be without the city of New York? Or Seinfeld, Friends or Sex and the City? When you think of elements that determine your film experience, you probably immediately think of actors, lighting, art direction, sound and editing. But sometimes the city within a film is almost as important as the protagonists. As a filmmaker you can of course comfortably ride on the clichés that a particular city brings with it. When we think of Paris we quickly think of a romantic, nostalgic city. The city of love. But does this also apply to the suburbs? And of course New York as the dynamic 'city that never sleeps'.

But some directors go against that and try to show us the city in a different way. So not the baguettes and accordion music in Paris, but the shadowy alleys or the coldness of such a large anonymous city. But also the real lives and stories of its inhabitants. Because a city is of course much more than what you see on an average postcard.

Think of London as a posh city that is home to interesting figures such as Sherlock Holmes, 'the Royals' but also Jack the Ripper.

Rudi de Boer studied Theatre, Film and Television Sciences at Utrecht University. After this he worked at various film houses and schools throughout the country and for years he provided follow-up discussions with filmmakers and actors during the Dutch Film Festival.



12-06 PARIS
26-06 NEW YORK



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