BROET has been connecting, stimulating and supporting the film culture of Brabant for 10 years. In the past few years, BROET has developed into a home for film professionals where knowledge is obtained and brought. It focuses on (new) talented, independent film and AV professionals who work in the film industry. BROET supports this target group by connecting the makers to each other and by offering advice and support in all facets of the filmmaking process. In addition, BROET acts as an intermediary between the maker, the industry and the independent film enthusiast  and therefore has a unique role in Brabant.


Kastanjelaan 500
5600 AN Eindhoven

Maureen Prins 
tel: +31(0)618770355

Anneke Cotrotsos 
tel: +31(0)614432477


Eindhoven Film Festival (EFF), initiated by BROET, is an international festival in Eindhoven. It focuses on the experience of film. In a world that is developing at a rapid pace, we think it is important to move with it. As a festival, we stimulate innovative productions that go off the beaten track of the film industry. EFF is a place where experiments are allowed and where we - together with the audience and the makers - can redesign the making, showing and experiencing of film.