De Terugreis

Jelle de Jonge
Thu 25 Apr - Wed 1 May
  • Watch out with children under 9
  • Fear
  • Coarse Language
25 Apr
1 May

Join Jaap and Maartje on a journey through a changing Europe, which reveals love, memories and the painful realisation of dementia. A compelling film about connection.

Jaap and Maartje, a married couple of almost 50 years, find themselves at the crossroad of their life. While Jaap is reluctant to embrace new adventures, Maartje is still full of life. A letter of a n old vacation friend sets them on an unexpected journet to South-Europe.

In their trusty car they cross through a completely changed Europe, during which they not only bicker, but als reminisce their memories. On the road Jaap is confronted by the painful realisation that his beloved Maartje is suffering from dementia. In the midst of this uncertain reality they rediscover the depth of their love and they learn why they stayed connected through all these years.

De Terugreis
Jelle de Jong
Martin van Waardenberg, Leny Breederveld
98 min
Thu 21 Mar
The Netherlands
  • Watch out with children under 9
  • Fear
  • Coarse Language