Club Guy & Roni invites: Cecilia Moisio
Fri 10 May 20:30
10 May

In the annual Club Guy & Roni Invites, the international dance company Club Guy & Roni invites a promising maker. These are talented makers with whom they feel a great affinity and who are happy to present them to a larger audience. With Club Guy & Roni Invites, the new generation of dance makers put themselves on the map with striking, urgent, interdisciplinary and inescapable performances. After Kwame Asafo-Adjei, Dunja Jocic, Lunatics & Poets and Mohamed Yusuf Boss, it is the turn of the Finnish choreographer Cecilia Moisio and singer and actress Sarah Janneh.

Moisio is seen as one of the most eclectic makers in our country and for this he received the Prize of the Dutch dance days - Young Audience. During her dance career she was nominated twice for the VSCD dance prize 'De Zwaan'. Cecilia Moisio has worked with Club GUy & Roni several times. She makes activist, expressive, theatrical work about urgent themes. With Club Guy & Roni's Poetic Disasters Club (junior company), she made the stimulating, sensual and 'in your face' performance about the vulva 'V' an absolute festival hit at De Parade.

ADI(C)SCO is a seemingly endless dance trip in search of the intoxication, of continuing and losing yourself in it: or addiction. The performance therefore breathes the atmosphere of the disco era, in which the club scene and club drugs became popular. ADI(C)SCO is a party that gets out of hand and never ends. With 70s aesthetics, extravagant characters and rousing beats. With this performance, Cecilia wants to address the taboos and shame surrounding addiction. Moisio himself grew up with an alcoholic father and therefore has a strong personal motivation to discuss this theme.

Both worlds:
Sarah Janneh live

Actress and singer Sarah Janneh (1994) started her education at the Music Conservatory in Tilburg and was accepted in 2012 at the Theaterschool Amsterdam where she graduated in 2016. Since 2021 she has been a permanent ensemble member of NITE (National interdisciplinary theater ensemble). She played in the NITE performance Before/After, the performances Witch Hunt and Exit Macbeth and was seen in Yara's Wedding. In addition to her stage work, Sarah can regularly be seen in films and on television, for example in Het Klokhuis, Anne +, Soof 3 and Tropenjaar. In 2023 Sarah could be seen as a candidate in the program Wie is de Mol?. We have already heard Janneh sing in the large interdisciplinary performances of NITE. She is now making her first solo song program for Club Guy & Roni invites: Both worlds. A musical search for her roots.

Cecilia Moisio is fascinated by the unconscious behavior patterns that arise from the expectations we have to meet and the social norms that are imposed on us. As a self-described "psychological activist", she is always looking for what lies behind our motives, emotions and behavior and she wants to confront her audience with unspoken taboos. With her performances she exposes carefully constructed facades. Moisio does so in a distinctly interdisciplinary form that lies somewhere between theatre, dance and performance art. Her performances are dynamic, full of raw emotions, humor and a clean, controlled choreography.


Regie en choreografie Cecilia Moisio
Tekst Eva Maria de Wit
Cast Bien de Moor, Club Guy and Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club (junior company), among others.