Kinderen van het Verdwenen Woud

Duda Paiva Company
Sun 2 Jun 15:00
2 Jun

As a Brazilian maker, Duda feels directly involved in developments in his native country. That is why he returns after the success of 'Forgotten Animals and Lost Affairs' with a new youth theater performance, this time about disappeared animals from the rainforest. Duda Paiva's foam world is the ultimate place to bring them back to life.

“Magische dieren uit het regenwoud betoveren het publiek.”


There is magic in the rainforest, which is full of medicinal plants and whispering trees. Somewhere in Brazil it has been heard that indigenous peoples have come into contact with a mythical creature. The Curupira seems to be an extremely mysterious creature. Opinions are divided about his appearance. One-eyed or not, red hair or bald, blue teeth, big or very small... He keeps taking on different shapes. One thing is clear: his feet are backwards and he is involved in mischief again and again.

In a picturesque hidden place, between the city and what remains of the rainforest, we meet Yara and Barnabe, brother and sister. They are lost in the woods near their farm. They are fascinated by stories of mysterious creatures that once lived in the forest, such as the dangerous jaguar, the curious anteater, the hilarious blue arara and the fireflies that illuminate the dark forest at night. The forest is magically beautiful. And yet it was eventually surrounded by the city. But the Curupira cannot easily be surrounded.

A visual performance with puppets, dance and old indigenous music from Brazil. In the youth performances of Duda Paiva Company, the world that children know from cartoons and games comes to life. This new youth performance is full of visual poetry and love for storytelling.

Usually, children have to keep their fingers away from everything. Not now! After the performance, everyone can go on stage for a selfie with the puppets, to ask questions and yes, discover what foam rubber feels like, that's allowed too!


Concept & regie Duda Paiva
Spel & artistieke bijdragen Cat Smits, Josje Eijkenboom, Christiaan Koetsier, Oliver Wagstaff, Tim Velraeds Dramaturgie Kim Kooiman
Poppen André Mello, Duda Paiva, Cat Smits, Yazan Maksoud
Soundscape Wilco Alkema
Lichtontwerp Mark Verhoef
Kostuums Evita Rigert
Decor Sanne Danz
Teksten Kim Kooiman, Flip Noorman