How do you start a conversation with your students about a current or important topic? How do you broaden their perception? How do you teach them to look at a certain theme from multiple perspectives? This can be done in an accessible way with film!

Watching a film helps students form their opinion. They learn to look with a critical eye, to analyze and to reflect on this. Film theatre Natlab is the place to do this.


During an educational film screening you can see the latest films in our film theatre for only € 5.50 per student. You book a private film screening for your class, year or course and get to choose from the best arthouse films of the moment and classics. We like to think along about a tailor-made film screening that is relevant in terms of content. For example, think of films that fit a specific theme or specific field.


An in-depth film screening? Combine watching a film with an introduction and/or discussion to go deeper into the film in an interactive way. We will discuss different facets of film, from film techniques to a substantive analysis. For some Dutch films it is possible to meet and speak to people who have been involved in the making of that film, such as the director or screenwriter, during a follow-up discussion.


We bring educational programmes from film festivals in Amsterdam closer to home, to the movie theater of Eindhoven.


A selection of the most beautiful films of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, specially compiled for educational purposes. Students see documentaries that depict the perception of often young protagonists in a personal and creative way. Appropriate teaching material is available for each documentary, which provides further insight based on information about the social context, the filmmaker and the creation of the documentary.

Would you like to visit an IDFA performance at Natlab with your school? You can read everything you need to know on the IDFA website.


Looking for a film about society and a good conversation? Movies that Matter sees film as a fantastic way to make difficult social themes tangible and discussable. Each film comes with a special program or free teaching materials, in which we invite students to actively discuss and form an opinion on the themes in the film.

Have you never been to a Movies that Matter programme with your MBO education? Then your school or class can visit a film with an in-depth program for free! This is possible thanks to a contribution from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Fonds 21. For more information and conditions, see the Movies that Matter website.

The Movies that Matter festival programme for the 2022-2023 school year consists of the following films:


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