Secondary education

How do you start a conversation with your students about a current or important topic? How do you broaden their perception? How do you teach them to look at a certain theme from multiple perspectives? Film is a perfect and accessible way to do this.

Watching film helps students form their opinion. They learn to look critically, analyze and reflect. Natlab is the place to do this.

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During an educational film screening you can watch the latest films in our film theatRE for only € 5.00 per student. You book a private film screening for your class or year and watch the best arthouse films of the moment or classics. We like to think along about a tailor-made film screening that is relevant in terms of content. Think of films that fits a specific theme or specific field of expertise.


A film screening with extras? Combine watching a film with an introduction and/or discussion to explore the film further in an interactive way. We like to think along about suitable teaching materials to prepare for or to discuss the film screening in the classroom. In addition, we offer the following in-depth programmes: 


Watch a movie and talk to the director. The conversation offers students the opportunity to get answers to the questions that the film has raised. In addition, they gain more insight in the film industry, directing and everything else that is involved in making a film. At the moment we are screening Love Is Thicker Than Water with a discussion with director Ate de Jong. You can also book De Helleveeg with a discussion with director André van Duren.


In collaboration with the Eye film museum, we offer a film program consisting of short films, ranging from live action to animations. They all depict the theme of love, but from different perspectives, in different forms and with different purposes. There is something there for everyone. A road movie takes an unexpected turn, we are confronted with prejudices and Little Red Riding Hood becomes a horror fairy tale. The film program is explored in depth thanks to short interactive dialogues after each film, led by an educational employee of Natlab. We discuss both the substantive and visual characteristics of film. This way we create an ideal basis for a dialogue with the students.

These programmes are based on Dutch films. For the possibilities with English films or films with English subtitles contact



Did you know that the "red heart" is the most used emoji on Instagram? And did you know that Strijp-S is one of the most photographed places in Eindhoven? The love for this historically important area has been given a new, creative look in recent years. Natlab (the former Philips Physics Laboratory) and POPEI (located in the Klokgebouw) offer an educational program in which film and music meet. Watch a surprising film programme at Natlab and use this as inspiration for the workshop at POPEI, in which original songs are made.

This programme can be extended to a half-day programme with an extra activity at MU. MU is a groundbreaking art institute, where creative makers explore what art can be. Discover the latest exhibitions with an interactive tour or follow a workshop on the theme of the exhibition. In this full programme, students discover film, music and art on Strijp-S in one day!


In collaboration with BROET, we offer the opportunity to discover the world of film as a creative medium, by making a film yourself. After watching a film, students get to work with a recurring theme from the film. They act, direct and film themselves. They learn to work together and go through all the steps of film making in a short period of time.


We bring educational programs from film festivals in Amsterdam closer to home, to Natlab.


A selection of the most beautiful films of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, specially compiled for education. Students see documentaries that show the perception of often young protagonists in a personal and creative way. Appropriate teaching material is available for each documentary, which provides further insight based on information about the social context, filmmaker and creation of the documentary. Watching documentaries broadens students' view of the world, teaches them to think critically about what they see, and helps them form their opinion. The IDFA films and their discussion complement the subjects Dutch, Art & Culture and People & Society.

The film program for the school screenings in 2020 will be announced in June.
The school screeings can be booked for the months of November and December.


Looking for a film about society and a good conversation? Movies that Matter sees film as a fantastic way to make difficult social themes tangible and discussable. Each film has a special programme and free teaching materials are available, in which we invite students to actively discuss and form an opinion on the themes in the film.

Have you never been to a Movies that Matter screening with your VMBO or practical training school? Then your school can visit a film with in-depth programme for free! This is possible thanks to a contribution from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Fonds 21. Has your school only visited a Movies that Matter screening once before? Then you can come for half the price (€ 2.50 per student).

The Movies that Matter festival programme for the 2019-2020 school year consists of the following films:


Imagine is hét filmfestival voor sciencefiction, horror en fantasy. Bij Imagine draait alles om de verbeelding, die je meevoert naar nieuwe of andere werelden en je anders laat kijken naar onze eigen wereld. Imagine gebruikt de kracht hiervan voor gedachte-experimenten over de toekomst van mens en maatschappij, vaak in het licht van technologische vernieuwing en de gevolgen daarvan. Met het educatieprogramma willen we studenten nieuwe perspectieven bieden, laten discussiëren over hoe realistisch sciencefiction is, of nieuwe ervaringen laten opdoen door middel van VR-filmvertoningen.
Bekijk hier het actuele aanbod! 

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Would you like to book a school screening, request a quote, ask us a question or do you have a proposition yourself? 

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