We are the inspiring place at Strijp-S in Eindhoven where you can experience arthouse films and theatre and enjoy good food and drinks. We already welcome 160.000 film and theater visitors every year and want to keep growing as an accessible venue where going out and culture come together. We would love you to come help us.



Are you the nice, spontaneous, quality-driven colleague our kitchen team is looking for? Do you know best how to make our guests enjoy delicious and wonderful dishes? We'd love to have you on our Natlab team to make us and our visitors even happier.

Our VACANCY is only available in Dutch, so please send an e-mail to if you're non-English speaking but still interested.


Are you (aiming to be) the best dishwasher in Eindhoven and would you like to make our plates, cutlery and faces shine? Come to Natlab, you're more than welcome!

Our VACANCY is only available in Dutch, so please send an e-mail to if you're non-English speaking but still interested.


About 30 enthusiastic volunteers already work at Natlab, but we would like to have a few more. Are you the most enthusiastic, flexible volunteer in Eindhoven? Do you easily let all guests in our cinemas and do you love to wipe the seats? Are you good with people, scanners and are you able to announce a film effortlessly and with a smile in front of a full house with guests? And you speak some words in Dutch? Then we want nothing more than for you to come to Natlab to join our volunteer team.

VIEW THE VACANCY (currently only available in Dutch, sorry!) and contact Chantall van den Heuvel via for more information or to sign up.


We look for Dutch speaking interns: culture junkies, event organizing talents, children and youth enthusiasts, creative idea machines, nosey parkers, walking film catalogs and go-getters!

Do you recognize yourself (in part, there is of course enough room to develop) in this description? Do you want to learn a lot, work with nice colleagues and see our films for free? Become the next legendary intern in one of our departments.


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