Primary education

How do you start a conversation with your students about a current or important topic? How do you broaden their perception? How do you teach them to look at a certain theme from different perspectives? Film is a perfect and accessible way to do this!

In our in-depth education programmes for primary education, students are challenged to view quality arthouse films with a critical eye and to reflect on them. They discover the world of film themselves through various workshops with a focus on the 21st century skills working together, critical and creative thinking.

The programmes listed below are based on Dutch films. Ask about the posibilities for English films or film with English subtitles by sending an email to



Get to know the film theatre and book a movie screening for your class, for only € 5.50 per student. See the best arthouse films of the moment or classics. For the 2019-2020 school year, we have made an advisory offer per grade, with new and older, well-known titles. This includes Dikkertje Dap and Juf Roos for group 1 & 2, De grote boze vos en andere verhalen for group 3 & 4, Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess for group 5 & 6 and Kapsalon Romy for group 7 & 8.

Of course, we would like to think along about a customized film screening. We are happy to search for films that fit a specific theme, a certain subject or a certain period of the year. Around World Animal Day, we can watch the Dutch nature film Wad: op de grens van water en land (6+) with specially developed teaching material or De Nieuwe Wildernis (8+). During the Children's Book Week, you will of course watch the best films based on a book: the Gruwelijke rijmen (6+) or De Griezelbus (9+). Together we create a film programme that is not only entertaining, but also relevant. 


A film screening with extras? Combine watching a film with an introduction and / or discussion in the film theatre, to explore the film further in an interactive way. Increase the impact of the film by preparing the students in the classroom before their film visit or use the provided teaching materials after the film screening.


A selection of the most beautiful titles of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)! Students can enjoy youth documentaries about strong, ordinary and special children, who give the audience a candid insight into their lives. The selection is made in consultation with teachers. Teaching material is available with each film that provides context and in-depth information. Watching documentaries broadens the students' perspective, teaches them to think critically about what they see and helps them form their opinion.

Would you like to visit an IDFA performance at Natlab with your school? You can read everything you need to know on the IDFA website.


In collaboration with the Eye film museum, we offer various educational film programmes. These consist of short films, ranging from live action to animation. They all depict a specific theme from a different perspective, in a different forms and for different purposes. This way we create the ideal basis for a dialogue with the students. There is something there for everyone.

These are the various different programmes:


Combine a film visit with a workshop! By performing the steps of the creative process themselves, pupils gain insight into what precedes the making of a long feature film. They learn about the origin of film, how the first film was made and how you can make a film yourself.

Animation workshop
Learn the art of stop motion: moving, sliding and rotating a character brings him or her to life in a movie! The theme of the workshop can be linked to a film that we watch prior to the workshop or to a topic of your choice, for example the theme that is currently being treaded in your class.

Green screen workshop
Complete all steps of film making in a short period of time. Pupils write a script, act, film and edit. They learn how to create special effects, make elements appear or disappear with the help of a green screen and make the viewer believe that they are in another world. Transform from a Wild West cowboy to a mermaid in the ocean.

Back in time
The possibilities of image and film seem endless these days: special effects, 3D and even 4D screenings. Do children who grow up with this also know what the first films looked like and how they were made? Learn about the history of film during an interactive introduction and discover earlier film techniques by getting started with a zootrope, thaumatrope and folioscope.


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