English subtitles | every last Thursday of the month
[ENG] [SUBS] is a monthly recurring cultural event that caters to the international community of Eindhoven. Aside from being an excellent opportunity to meet with the international-oriented crowd of Eindhoven, it is also a nice casual night out. We will screen a new or recent arthouse film with English subtitles. After the screening you are of course invited for food and drinks at Natlab’s café.

To stay informed about our English subtitled program, follow the [ENG][SUBS] Facebook page. 

starting Thursday February 22

After a period of volunteering in a refugee camp in Jordan, Yasin El Amrani disappears into the war of Syria. His family in the Netherlands gets worried, so his older brothers, stand up-comedian Hassan and military Mourad, decide to track down their brother themselves and bring him back home.

While Hassan and Mourad are on this life-threatening journey, the brothers are confronted with their own prejudices and limitations. Will this bring them closer together?

Course - Electronic music
New sounds from Room 306 | Sannety

Natlab and Eindhoven native, electronic musician Sannety, will host a monthly series on electronic music starting February 22nd.

In this series we will focus on the current strands of electronic music that are proud of their link with popular music yet don’t shy away from concepts, algorhithms, codeing or challeging views on sound or the listening experience in itself; pushing boundaries and envelopes like it’s going out of style.
We’ll listen to electronic music’s response to trap or marching band music, the marriage between footwork and sound art, performance art and club culture. We’ll take a look at some cool music made with nothing but presets from the ‘80s, or nifty visuals, or catch a whiff of philsophical ponderings about how technology and art influence eachother. [more information]


Er is iets misgegaan met het laden van dit evenement. Probeer het later nogmaals.