Movies That Matter On Tour

Movies that Matter opent ogen voor mensenrechten en menselijke waardigheid door film. De stichting zet cinema in voor het aanwakkeren van de dialoog over mensenrechten, de beïnvloeding van de publieke opinie en de activering tot inzet voor mensenrechten.

Als spin-off van het jaarlijkse festival toeren movies that matter door circa vijftien steden in heel Nederland. Filmtheaters presenteren van oktober tot en met mei op een vaste dag en tijdstip een festivalfavoriet of een nog niet in Nederland vertoonde documentaire of speelfilm.

Lokale partners, vaak Amnesty-groepen, organiseren daarbij een verdiepingsprogramma in de vorm van een debat, inleiding of interview met gasten uit binnen- en buitenland. Het publiek krijgt ruimschoots gelegenheid met gasten als mensenrechtenactivisten, experts en politici in gesprek te gaan.
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No Place for a Rebel (voorpremière!)
Woensdag 18 oktober, 19.00 uur
Engels ondertiteld | English subtitles
No place for a Rebel bears witness to the grim reality of a former rebel who tries to break the mold after his return to civil society. The film is an intimate account, a journey into Opono’s world, complicated by the trauma that comes as much from being silenced in the present as from a life shattered by violence. Yet above all, the film shows the courageous attempt of a human being to re-shape his fate.

Insyriated (voorpremière) 
Woensdag 15 november, 19.00 uur
Engels ondertiteld | English subtitles
Energetic Oum Yazan is trying desperately to keep together her family life whilst outside a war is raging. The family sits together around a large table at midday, everyone trying to make themselves heard above the cannonade of bombs and machine gun fire. There is hardly any water and every trip outside the door spells danger on account of the snipers on the rooftops above. While Grandfather plays with his little grandchild, the oldest daughter flirts with her boyfriend in her room. Just a few shots are necessary to draw the viewer into the permanent state of emergency that is war. 

A River Below
Woensdag 13 december, 19.00 uur
Engels ondertiteld | English subtitles

A River Below captures the Amazon in all its complexity as it examines the actions of environmental activists using the media in an age where truth is a relative term. The film follows a reality TV star and a renowned marine biologist as they each attempt to save the Amazon pink river dolphin from being hunted to extinction. 

Woensdag 17 januari, 19.00 uur
Engels ondertiteld | English subtitles

After a few years of keeping up appearances, Teo puts all he has achieved at stake to follow his heart and find his true identity. Driven by a deeply-felt desire, he sets out on a long and troublesome journey to start a new life as a full-fledged woman.

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