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VR op donderdag


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do 26 apr       19:30 20:15  
do 3 mei       19:30 20:15  
do 10 mei       19:30 20:15  
do 17 mei       19:30 20:15  
do 24 mei       19:30 20:15  
do 31 mei       19:30 20:15  

In april en mei zie je elke donderdagavond een wisselend VR-programma.  

Wie nog nooit van VR of Virtual Reality heeft gehoord kent ongetwijfeld wel het beeld van de man of vrouw met een grote, futuristisch ogende bril. Wie al jaren bekend is met het fenomeen heeft wellicht zelfs al eens zo'n VR-bril op gehad. Op donderdagavond kunt u zelf VR zien en ervaren om 19.30 en om 20.15 uur. 

Experience the latest technology in cinema: Virtual Reality. In April and May we screen VR movies every Thursday at 7.30 and 8.15 pm.

Donderdag 16 april (Documentary):

Growing a world wonder (6 min)
The Great Green Wall is an African-led project with an epic ambition: to grow an 8,000km natural wonder of the world across the entire width of Africa. Its goal is to provide food, jobs and a future for the millions of people who live in a region on the frontline of climate change. More than an ecological project, it’s a symbol of hope: humanity can reverse the effects of global warming. Growing a World Wonder offers the audience to live this project by itself through virtual reality.

The committee (10 min)
Trouble is brewing in the quiet English town of Middleswick. One local resident has painted her house in a ‘very determined pink’ and the townsfolk are in uproar. The Committee is meeting to discuss the matter and decide on whether the home can remain in its current state. As this group of local eccentrics debate the matter, tempers flare and hilarity follows. You have a seat at the table and the best view on offer as the comedic chaos unfolds.

Fistful of stars (5 min)
The atoms in our bodies were forged inside the furnaces of
stars, therefore it is true, we literally are stardust. "Fistful of Stars"
creates an immersive encounter with the cosmos that deepens our
understanding of the Universe. Through Virtual Reality, viewers are
transported thousands of lights years away as they discover that
humans and the stars are connected. "Fistful of Stars" is accompanied
by The Hubble Cantata, a composition featuring a 30 piece ensemble,
a 100 person choir, and two stars from the Metropolitan Opera. On this
journey to the stars, audiences find themselves lost, together floating
through the cosmos.

Volcanos (5 min)
A journey on the edge of volcanos. Lava flows, ash clouds – Here are some of the most astonishing phenomenons we can observe in this 360° movie. Virtual reality helps creating an intense and immersive experience of volcano eruptions.


Donderdag 4 mei The last Chair
The last chair – chapter 1 (16 min) and Chapter 2 (18 min)
In a satisfyingly calm 360-degree documentary, we are silent witnesses of solitary rural lives as they draw to an end. On an isolated farm in the Dutch province of Drenthe, the elderly Egbert is living out his last days. He has neither radio, TV nor internet, and his only contact with current affairs is the newspaper he lays on the table under his pan of kale. It seems an empty existence, but this VR documentary gives viewers the chance to leave behind the bustle of everyday life, exploreEgbert’s living room or garden and see life from a different point of view. Egbert is
content with his life, unlike Fred, the protagonist of a second short film in The Last Chair. This terminally ill ex-hippie left his family for a solitary existence in France. He's as composed and self-sufficient as Egbert, but he finds it hard to enjoy life because he's haunted by the bad choices he has made. In this 360-degree project, we experience a calm that's rarely seen in the modern world—at the same time, we are silent witnesses of lives drawing to an end.

Privé VR vertoning
Met een select gezelschap naar een Virtual Reality film naar keuze, op een tijdstip waarop het u zelf het beste uitkomt? Dat kan! Voor groepen van minimaal 8 personen vertonen wij VR films uit ons aanbod speciaal voor uw gezelschap. Bekijk bijvoorbeeld de tweedelige serie The Last Chair, een selectie van documentaires of een fictieprogramma.

Op werkdagen tussen 10.00 en 21.00 uur, graag twee dagen van te voren aanvragen. Neem contact op met sigrid@plazafutura.nl voor meer informatie en/of het maken van een reservering.



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