Baltan Laboratories presents: Imagining Superorganisms: Augmenting the Human Body Talk

Bich Tran, Lukas Adrian Jurk, Valerie Daude
23 okt
  • wo 23 okt

Microbial masks, DNA engineered human skin, a living phone: Modern biotechnology promises and enables us to rethink the body, augmented and cohabitated with new abilities but also empowered through a deeper understanding of ourselves. Microbial masks functioning as monitoring wearable, an embedded extra organism substituting smartphones and a direct alteration of the human DNA enabling adaptive skins - three recent graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven present and discuss their graduation projects situated within the fields of body-hacking and biotechnology.

How will we develop as a human species? What are the responsibilities for a designer when imagining futures?
Join the debating round and contribute your opinion and knowledge or enjoy learning about the field's challenges.

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Program by Baltan Laboratories