Baltan Laboratories presents: Love in the 21st Century Talk

by Lancel/Maat, Design Studio Joes + Manon and Leif Czakai, D’vorah Graeser
25 okt
  • vr 25 okt

What is love in the 21st century? Which taboos are still in place? Is a love-contract like marriage still relevant? How does/can technology influence our perception of love? Artists Lancel/Maat and design studio Joes+Manon reflect on the state of love and sexuality nowadays. Together we will explore alternatives for marriage contracts and new ways to celebrate love and intimacy.

Together with Joes + Manon, Leif Czakai will talk about De-Co-Date, a series of experimental events in which we decode the diverse shifting values and norms of our love, sex and friendship behaviour in reflection to the societal development in the present, the past and the future. D’vorah Graeser, founder of KISSPatent, will bring up her expertise on contracts and the role of technology in the wedding ceremonies.

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Program by Baltan Laboratories