Luuk van den Broek

Luuks projects operate between the field of craftsmanship and industrial design, intuitively looking for the deepest color, the most logical connection or the most compelling composition. His work translates the exploration of moments in time through material, color and personal experience.

Tables Traces
Luuk van den Broek developed new stories printed by the “blueprint” process. A method which makes it possible to capture an image by the presence or absence of UV-light. The transience of the moment by the sun set. Traces are forever burned into Prussian blue. The ideal time to illuminate the tables became sunrise. At this serene moment of the day, the long shadows are forever fixed on the table. We are daily confronted with countless impressions. An overwhelming number of moments that evaporate in time. This design allows the natural organization of everyday visible. It captures the little moments that pass us unconsciously. The table is the chosen canvas. An important platform for many events in life that often includes an anonymous role. These tables show traces of a range of moments that passed by us unconsciously.

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