Mooi voor Schut

Thu 28 Dec 15:00
28 Dec

How many excuses can you come up with to get out of it? And how long can you pretend you're not afraid when your heart is pounding so hard inside your chest? A family show full of hilarious and moving scenes, for everyone aged 7 and over. 

This is event is interely in Dutch.

Two friends prepare for the performance of a lifetime. But the pressure is high, because there is an audience and what if you embarrass yourself! Like real cowboys, they enter the lions den and brave the storm together. An ode to scared bluffers, shy daredevils and hesitant talkers, full of hilarious and moving scenes for the whole family. In which theatre, mime and visual staging alternate silently.

Oortwolk makes poetic youth theater about that oh-so sensitive inner world. Oortwolk is an Eindhoven youth theater company, founded in December 2020, and plays in theaters as well as at schools and festivals. With a great weakness for the imagination, Oortwolk makes theater for all children and the adults around them. In Oortwolk's performances, our insides are tipped out so that we can take a good look at it together. In their performances you see figures who repeatedly end up in absurd situations and, after struggling with their emotions, leave the audience hopeful.


PLAYED BY Lonne Gosling en Wannes Zeegers
CONCEPT, TEXT & DIRECTION Suzanne van der Horst 
MOVEMENT COACH Tegest Pecht Guido 
DECOR Jan Dams
MUSIC & SOUND Frank Sens
EDUCATION ADVICE Nienke Smit-Zuidweg
PHOTO'S Jesse Hanssen