Compañia Encuentros 
Sun 12 Nov 15:30
12 Nov

Two dancers go in search of the distance from each other and the desire to touch the other; with hands and arms, torsos meeting, those feet communicating through rhythm. How do you touch each other? How does a touch feel or how do you avoid being touched? What sensation do you feel when you greet each other with a hug or a hand or an elbow?

This performance is about communicating with each other in a world where there is more and more distance, both physically and socially. In which we start to think more and differently about touch. Looking for ways to approach each other and feeling the need to feel another and desire for electrical connection.

The dancers enter into a dialogue with each other and 3 musicians. With flamenco as a basis, the artists look for innovation in their movements and sounds to communicate with each other. You will be swept away by this dazzling performance 'Touch me' with both music and dance.


Dans Federico Ordoñez & Jessica Achten
Zang Esteban Murillo
Gitaar en live electronics Tijn van der Sanden
Percussie Udo Demandt