NFF | Zomervacht

Joren Molter
Tue 26 Sep 20:30
26 Sep

During the tour of Dutch film theaters, the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) presents the film Zomervacht, based on the book of the same name by Jaap Robben's bestseller. With Micha Hulshof, Jarne Heylen and Joël in 't Veld.

Zomervacht is the closing film of the festival. Learn more about the film during this special NFF premiere. For example, director Joren Molter shares his insights and motives in a personal video message.

During a sweltering summer holiday, thirteen-year-old Brian is left with the care of his big brother Lucien, who is seventeen, who is severely mentally disabled. As lonely Brian craves warmth and affection from his father, he is forced to grow up. But how do you take care of someone if you don't know what they need? How do you make the right choices when you still have so much to discover?

Zomervacht is the first feature film by director Joren Molter, whose graduation film Greetings from Kropsdam was selected for 54 film festivals worldwide in 2016.

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NFF | Zomervacht
Joren Molter
Micha Hulshof, Jarne Heylen, Joël in 't Veld
86 min
Thu 19 Oct
The Netherlands
  • Watch out with children under 9
  • Fear
  • Coarse Language

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Ervaar de magie van het Nederlands Film Festival in je eigen filmtheater!  
Samen met het Nederlands Film Festival brengen we je twee spectaculaire voorpremières die je niet wil missen. Dit jaar vertonen we in het kader van het Nederlands Film Festival de openingsfilm Sweet Dreams en de slotfilm, Zomervacht. De speciale première wordt ingeleid met een persoonlijke videoboodschap waarin de makers je een kijkje achter de schermen geven.