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Taartrovers Cinemini
Sun 24 Dec 11:00
24 Dec

Children from 2 to 6 years experience their first cinema visit in our cozy cinema. On Sunday morning, toddlers and preschoolers will experience Taartrovers Cinemini, a special program in which they experience film and can play in a beautiful light landscape.

During Taartrovers Cinemini we show beautiful, sweet, exciting, abstract, narrative and sometimes also challenging short films, especially for toddlers and preschoolers. Afterwards, the visitors play together in a light landscape, consisting of various installations with which children playfully discover how light can create stories. They investigate form, projection, light, shadow, stories, movement and colour. How do shadows arise? Where do images come from, how do shapes become larger or smaller and how do shapes disappear into nothingness? And what stories can they see in the shapes? For adults, shadow is something that is self-evident, for children it is perhaps a magician who turns the adults into tall giants.

Your home is your place, like a safe familiar skin around you. All houses are different. So are the houses in the films from this cheerful, poetic and colorful programme.

Chaitane Conversat, 2015
France, Switzerland
A girl lives alone in a small house. Every night ants lift the house and take it to a new place. There the girl catches beautiful flower patterns in the fields around the house, from which she then sews dresses. One day a seed falls from the sky into her mouth. She swallows it and then a flower grows and blooms from her navel. A poetic film with a beautiful drawing style and strong colours.

Svetlana Andrianova, 2017
A high-rise building is being built, the tallest in the world. A flat with many small apartments in its belly. What does this high house experience? Blizzards, planes, the subway underground. There is a lot to see in this short film.

Svetlana Andrianova, 2015
The little star lives in the sky, among the clouds near his MamaMoon. One evening he falls down, just like that on earth. Everyone thinks the little star is very sweet and oh so beautiful, they all want it. But the little star, what does he really want? He wants to go back home to his mom. Fortunately, MamaMoon can do anything.

60 min

Taartrovers Cinemini was developed by Taartrovers and Eye Filmmuseum.

Taartrovers Cinemini is a project developed by Taartrovers and Eye Filmmuseum. The project can now be experienced every Sunday morning in Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam for several years and will also be experienced with us from autumn 2023.

The Taartrovers develop interactive cultural projects for and with children. They let young children discover the power of imagination in a playful way. They are allowed to use all their senses to examine images, play with them and make them their own. Taartrovers develops teaching materials and installations, but you also come across them in theaters with their own festival, in the community center with extracurricular activities, in museums, at schools or symposia. In this way we bring culture for young children to all places in society.