Oscar Kocken en Lucas de Waard
Thu 28 Sep 20:30
28 Sep
  • 28 Sep

The loneliest tree in the world, a child who threads Nibbit rings on a licorice string at a party, a philosophizing crane operator, a dancing clown and a blender with which you have conversations. They all come along in this honest, black comedy performance about the greatest talent of loneliness: showing up at the most unexpected moments and flying to your throat.

This is a Dutch spoken event.
The duration of this event is 40 minutes. 

In their performance '1', Oscar Kocken and Lucas de Waard explore the many aspects of loneliness, and what exactly the difference is compared to being alone. They delve into novels, songs, the Quest and their own lives. '1' is heartwarming and heartbreaking storytelling theatre, universal and personal, melancholic and hopeful.

Oscar Kocken wrote for Spijkers Met Koppen (NPO Radio 2), presents talk shows and podcasts and previously performed at Boulevard, De Parade, Oerol, Lowlands and more.

Lucas de Waard made the musical storytelling performance 'Stil Leven', presented 'De Waard en zijn Gasten', works as a screenwriter for television and musical and wrote the novels 'De Kamer', 'Kraaien Tellen' and 'Bast'.


CONCEPT & SPEL Oscar Kocken en Lucas de Waard
EINDREGIE Marcel Osterop
MET DANK AAN Daniëlle Zawadi, Eva van Pelt, Daan Windhorst, Caresse Donks en Elly Scheele

"Hartverscheurend mooi"

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