MAAKBAARS | Iris Penning

Natlab x Iris Penning x BROET
Tue 13 Jun 20:00
13 Jun

This monthly creative event is all about the creative process. We look into the minds of musicians, poets, artists and all other kinds of creators. An hour and a half full of live music, poetry and small parties for the eye, and all with a special twist. City poet and singer-songwriter Iris Penning will present the whole and will also share a look behind the scenes of her creative process.

This edition we have a number of wonderful makers:

CHIARA PASTOR is a filmmaker, photographer and self-portrait artist. In her she continuously plays with the mixture of surrealism, eroticism and comedy, creating an almost recognizable reality. A judgment-free safe haven for herself and her audience to escape into. A place where vulnerability, shame and pleasure can exist freely.

LOTTE WALDA is a singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice. Her positive lyrics and optimistic nature can enchant you. She is a traveler in heart and soul, she performs on all continents, but always returns to her own Netherlands. She spreads her light through her music. And that matters: her songs are listened to millions of times on Spotify!

STEPHEN BELL is an Irish-Dutch comedian who has been around for years. With his infectious energy, he takes his audience into madness and mania, hilarious thoughts and rousing ideas. He also hosts his comedy evenings throughout the Netherlands, under the name "Bell's Comedy Club", of course also in his own fine Eindhoven.

TOM DRIESEN is a Belgian poet and theater maker from Turnhout. In 2022 he won the NK poetry slam and this year he will be at the World Cup in Paris! He says he gets his inspiration from a jar of Nutella and if you don't believe that, he will gladly make you believe something even better.