Multiversum – onlosmakelijk verbonden

Gavin-Viano | Frascati Producties
Sat 2 Dec 20:30
2 Dec

When they were little, everything went by itself. Sister Liane and brother Samil play, chat, frolic and dream together about who they will be when they grow up. The children have a lively imagination and often imitate the Little Mermaid: Liane is always Prince Eric and Samil must be Ariel. The two are inseparable. Until Samil's sister becomes his big brother. Liane becomes Jeff, thus embracing his true identity. Unfortunately, the natural connection of the children is then lost.

Not only brother Samil has trouble with big brother Jeff's new identity. The rest of the family and friends disapprove, as their values clash with the essence of who Jeff is. After Jeff takes his own life as a young adult, Samil is left with questions, sadness and doubts. He also loses his zest for life. But then his inner child, named Little Samil, rebels. Little Samil goes to investigate and in that research he finds Jeff's inner child named Little Jeff; the inner child of his dead brother.

The big brother of is a musical and visual performance about the power of childlike fantasy and perspective in healing trauma. Where is the imagination and the open mind of the inner child when you have to walk the beaten track as an adult? Can we reappropriate child's play to liberate ourselves?

Gavin-Viano graduated in the summer of 2020 as a director from the Maastricht Theater Academy. He received the DNA Next Stimulation Award in 2020 for his graduation performance Ach Mijn Wederhelft. In 2021 he released his first Frascati production, the trilogy Ach Mijn Wederhelft. Bloodscent followed in 2022: a layered, visual and musical performance about a young woman and her quest for healing from sexual traumas from her youth. The big brother of is his third performance at Frascati Productions. In the fall of 2023, Gavin-Viano will make his first performance at NTJong.


Regie & tekst Gavin-Viano
Performance Jasmin Suarez , Flip Zonne Zuijderland
Dramaturgie Martine Manten, Maarten van Hinte
Geluid Danny van der Lugt
Videokunst & lichtontwerp Wes Broersen
Scenografie Arinth Foekema