Lieve Vrienden, Familie, Genodigden

Jan Hulst & Daan Heerma van Voss | Theater Bellevue | Theater Oostpool
Thu 12 Oct 20:30
12 Oct

A son has one night to do justice to his late father by writing the funeral speech only he can write, the truth about his father, whose death by suicide has been shrouded in rumor and gossip. About a night when a funeral speech had to be written and a best friend helped write it. A terribly precious night.

Three years ago, Jan Hulst and Daan Heerma van Voss fell through. The gin flowed, the seriousness increased. They talked about the things that really matter: declarations of love and farewell letters. Hulst told him about his mother's death. About a night when a funeral speech had to be written and a best friend helped write it. It was one of the most horrible nights of his life, but also one of the most precious

Never has a friendship been so sincere and valuable. Heerma van Voss said that Hulst should make a play out of it. Hulst replied: 'you do that nicely'. So happened. It is a unique, intimate collaboration. A play about friendship, lives that pass, love that lasts, and the words we choose when we really don't know what to say.

Jan Hulst is a director and writer for theater and film. Since 2015 he and Kasper Tarenskeen form the duo Hulst & Tarenskeen. Together they wrote and directed performances at Frascati in Amsterdam, Theater Oostpool in Arnhem and the National Theater in The Hague. Hulst & Tarenskeen are currently part of the artistic core of Theater Oostpool. In 2020, the duo received the Erik Vos Prize for exceptional new theater talent. Together with Jim Deddes, Hulst makes JOARDY FILM; an independent initiative of short sketches that has since grown into a YouTube phenomenon. In 2019 they entered into a collaboration with VPRO and received the Silver Nipkow Disc for the web series JOARDY SEASON.

Daan Heerma van Voss writes fiction and non-fiction. His work has been nominated for several literary prizes and has been widely translated. This is his first play.

Theater Bellevue has been a place of activity in the heart of Amsterdam for 120 years. In three rooms, from noon to night, stories are written, performed and told. As a house of language, Bellevue forms a safe & brave space where these stories connect people.

Theater Oostpool takes you into what is currently occupying the world. Our stories are young and fiery, but also personal and funny. We choose a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Theater is for everyone. Come and see, we have no time to lose.


Foto met Daan & Jan (aan de statafel) Benning & Gladkova
Foto met Thomas & Tim Zazie Stevens
Tekst Daan Heerma van Voss
Regie Jan Hulst
Spel Thomas Höppener, Tim Linde, Jolanda van den Berg, Jessie Holtkamp
Decor en kostuum Zazie Stevens
Lichtontwerp Bart van der Heuvel
Beeld Daan & Jan Benning & Gladkova
Beeld Thomas & Tim Zazie Stevens