Thu 5 Oct 20:30
5 Oct

POW WOW questions how we, from different beliefs and traditions, care for our parents and the elderly (with dementia). What do we take for granted and what do we experience as a task? Where do our beliefs clash and what can we learn from each other?

Theater company MINOUX invites you to a festive, cheerful and often moving encounter between different generations.

The day will come when they will arch their backs, they will slow their pace and their world will narrow. Then the care roles reverse; epilate your chin or nostrils, untangle the administration or bring the soup. Then you call every day or rather never.

Especially for this performance, MINOUX founded the Bende van Alzheimer: dancing over-seventies who like to share their opinions and questions with the audience.

POW WOW is definitely not a traditional theater performance, but a humorous 'tribe meeting' with dance, stories and music. A performance in which you can actively participate, but also one in which you can quietly listen, watch and marvel at yourself. POW WOW is a performance that you should not have seen, but it is one that you must have been to.

The performance leads to connection, new insights and the discussion of this topical issue.


De Bende van Alzheimer Nienke, Theo, Marianne, Henny, Therese, Magda, Joan, Anny, Henk, Els, Marie-Louise, Carla, Quinie, Rita, Wil, Stella, Parwin, Sjef, Loes, Melita, Sevim, e.a.
Artistiek team MINOUX Minou Bosua, Ingrid Wender, Ireen Kurvers, en Bas Kosters.

“POW WOW is een geweldige, ontroerende en soms ook confronterende voorstelling. Het zorgt voor een verbinding bij het publiek onderling die ik nog niet eerder zo gezien heb. We hebben een avond gehad waar nog lang over nagedacht en nagepraat is”.