Laura van Dolron
Fri 19 Apr 20:30
19 Apr

Everthing okay? We ask each other in the cafe. In such a tone that YES can be the only answer. In Dolron's new Laura, Laura goes in search of wholeness, beyond all good, beyond small talk. As always recognisable, moving and inspiring with the audience as confidant and favorite opponent.


"Van Dolron is een natuurkracht die de wereld zacht maakt, met haar helende, nuchtere woorden en haar positieve blik op de wereld."

NRC, ★★★★★

After her heartbreaking piece Geen Verhaal and the heartwarming romcom The Invitation, it is now time to turn her gaze to the world again. Van Dolron, known for her radical honesty and groundbreaking approach, shares her view of the past few months with you as your favorite opponent. She does not create a performance, but a proposal for a better world. A call to care for our earth, but also for ourselves and to cease fire on all fronts.

Van Dolron candidly shares her thoughts about our perception of ourselves and the world and encourages courageous speech and humble silence, even when it is uncomfortable and complex. Heel is about speaking out, even though it is very scary, very challenging and very confusing.

Laura van Dolron is a stand-up philosopher, meaning finder and predecessor. Her new performance Heel reflects the turbulence of our times, with themes such as political shifts and burning issues such as Gaza and the election results. Heel is not a conventional performance, but rather an intense plea for a world in turmoil.


Foto Anouk van Kalmthout
Voorstelling Laura van Dolron