Laura van Dolron
Fri 19 Apr 20:30
19 Apr

Everthing okay? We ask each other in the cafe. In such a tone that YES can be the only answer. In Dolron's new Laura, Laura goes in search of wholeness, beyond all good, beyond small talk. As always recognisable, moving and inspiring with the audience as confidant and favorite opponent.


After the raw honesty in Geen Verhaal and the optimistic love story in De Invitation, Laura shares in Heel where she and the world are now. In the NOW - the only moment we have. Laura offers hope and comfort, with humor and self-mockery she searches for the universal in the personal and vice versa.

What does our pain tell us? And sadness and loneliness? And do they transform if we dare to listen? Heel is about us and all living beings that are connected to each other. Heel is about us leaving the room very happy, very calm, very open, very vulnerable, very whole.//

Laura van Dolron created her own genre of stand-up philosophy. She doesn't want to play but to heal, not to pretend, not to talk to an audience anymore. Van Dolron opens her heart and says what we dare not say. The theater hall becomes a place where people come together to look themselves in the eye: honest, open and with love instead of fear. All masks off.


Foto Anouk van Kalmthout
Voorstelling Laura van Dolron

"Van Dolron is een natuurkracht die de wereld zacht maakt, met haar helende, nuchtere woorden en haar positieve blik op de wereld."

NRC, ★★★★★