A vida rosa

Rosa da Silva
Thu 28 Mar 20:30
28 Mar

"I'm going to enjoy it soon." But when is later? And how do you know if you are enjoying yourself? After living on a pink cloud for a while, Rosa has landed again. Since the birth of her daughter, she wonders if she has followed her own path so far. In A vida rosa she makes you part of this quest. Has it all turned out as rosy as she expected? Of course, all (well-intentioned) advice from (un)inspiring people around her is reviewed and if all goes well, a new Rosa will be born.

Expect a personal and musical performance, with a mix of beautiful listening songs, written by lyricist Tim Teunissen and composer Sergio Escoda. Music in which her love for Americana and her amor for Bossanova will clearly come to the fore! You see Rosa at her most vulnerable, but also at her most combative. Armed with 'that voice!', the best voice in cabaret.

A vida rosa is Rosa's second solo performance. In the past two theater seasons, she made her debut with the acclaimed performance 'Daar moet je heen’. In 2019 she won the jury and audience prize at the Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival. In 2021, she received a nomination for the Annie M.G. Schmidt Prize for the song 'Als het zover is’. Rosa was not a newcomer to Dutch theatre. With leading roles in the theater play ANNE and the musical De Tweeling, she already proved that she belongs in the theater.

Sergio Escoda (1990) is active as a composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer. He played in well-known bands like Di-Rect, EUT & REINDIER. Both nationally and internationally. As a composer he writes for advertising, theater and cabaret and has composed, among other things, 'BullyBully' (MAAS Theater) and i.s.m. Tim Teunissen and Dook van Dijck the youth musical 'Lady Charly' (MAAS Theater and Walhalla).

Tim Teunissen (1992) is a lyricist, comedian and actor. He won the Personality Prize at Cameretten Festival and toured the country with his solo 'SANDRA'. As a songwriter he wrote for MEROL and recently he wrote his first youth musical 'Lady Charly' with Sergio Escoda at MAAS Theater & Walhalla. As an actor, he can be seen in various films and series such as 'If Yes, Okay' and 'Vliegende Hollanders'.


Tekst Tim Teunissen, Rosa da Silva, Peer Wittenbols
Muziek Sergio Escoda
Regie Laurens Krispijn de Boer
Techniek Rosan van Hoeve
Beeld Henri Verhoef 
Ontwerp Marc Koppen

“Ze is de baas van het podium.”