Myrte Siebinga zoekt een kamer

De Warme Winkel
Fri 22 Mar 20:30
22 Mar

Hi hi, I'm Myrte Siebinga (24) and I'm looking for a room (or apartment 😉). Preferably no smaller than 12 m2, a bit in the center and with a high ceiling 🙏. My budget is +/- €850,-. I'm cozy, neat, quiet (at least indoors 😉) and just graduated. Buying something is not in it for the next 600 years I'm afraid 😊. Do you know something or do you know someone? Text me on +3197010255885. The golden tip gets free tickets for a lifetime.

'De wanhoop van een kamerzoekende twintiger, gevangen in één absurd realistische hospiteeravond.'

- Trouw ★★★★

During a fiercely satirical hospital evening at a residential group, we whirl through perspectives, excesses and options in a world in which space has become scarce. Living space, nitrogen space, breathing space, movement space. Claiming space, sharing space and the desire for habitable planets…

Whether Myrte will find a room remains to be seen, but the unsurpassed theater group De Warme Winkel guarantees a surprising evening.


SPEL Marius Mensink, Mirthe Labree, Myrte Siebinga
CO-REGIE Bianca van der Schoot en Vincent Rietveld
CONCEPT EN TEKST Vincent Rietveld 
LICHT André Pronk
KOSTUUMADVIES Bernadette Corstens 
TEKSTADVIES Joachim Robbrecht
MUZIEK Gerry Arling en Jornt Jan Bras
TECHNIEK Jornt Jan bras
COPRODUCTIE Grand Theatre Groningen
CAMPAGNEBEELD Lonneke van der Palen
SCENEFOTO'S Sofie Knijff