Myrte Siebinga zoekt een kamer

De Warme Winkel
Fri 22 Mar 20:30
22 Mar

Hi hi, I'm Myrte Siebinga (24) and I'm looking for a room (or apartment 😉). Preferably no smaller than 12 m2, a bit in the center and with a high ceiling 🙏. My budget is +/- €850,-. I'm cozy, neat, quiet (at least indoors 😉) and just graduated. Buying something is not in it for the next 600 years I'm afraid 😊. Do you know something or do you know someone? Text me on +3197010255885. The golden tip gets free tickets for a lifetime.

During a fiercely satirical hospital evening at a residential group, we whirl through perspectives, excesses and options in a world in which space has become scarce. Living space, nitrogen space, breathing space, movement space. Claiming space, sharing space and the desire for habitable planets…

Whether Myrte will find a room remains to be seen, but the unsurpassed theater group De Warme Winkel guarantees a surprising evening.


Woongroep Marius Mensink, Mirthe Labree e.a.
Hospitant Myrte Siebinga
Concept en tekst Vincent Rietveld
Licht André Pronk
Coproductie Grand Theatre Groningen