En ze leefden nog lang en gelukkig

Het Zuidelijk Toneel | Stichting Nieuwe Helden
Thu 22 Feb 19:30
22 Feb

What if we really listened to children? The Netherlands is a rich country and yet there is a lot of poverty and inequality. We talk about it and do everything but nothing changes. This time we turn it around, on stage there is a great decor and an 11-year-old child who takes you into a fairy tale of our time. Let yourself be surprised, touched, amazed and astonished and just maybe believe again that fairy tales exist.

Between 6 and 8 % of the Dutch population live in a family with an income below the low-income threshold and are therefore at risk of poverty. That is distressing, especially now that inflation and rising energy costs are exacerbating the problem. Experts agree that we can eliminate inequality with a nitrogen-like measure. Then why don't we want to fix it?

For almost two years, Nieuwe Helden has been collecting testimonials from children about inequality and how they would approach it differently. Together with Het Zuidelijk Toneel, they are developing this into a gripping experience.

Bas van Rijnsoever (Almere, 1983) is a maker at Het Zuidelijk Toneel and one of the founders of Stichting Nieuwe Helden. In recent years he has appeared as an actor in productions by Toneelgroep Oostpool, Schwalbe, Julian Hetzel, Carver and others. He teaches at the Academy of Theater and Dance and works as a dramaturge at circus theater company Monki Business. Within Nieuwe Helden, Bas takes care of the more socially engaged projects and he led projects 'Ocharme', 'The Village' and 'Girl with the Sulfur Sticks'. Projects about the growing inequality of opportunity and which served as the reason for the creation of the performance 'And they lived happily ever after', which can be seen this season at Het Zuidelijk Toneel.

Lucas De Man (Roeselare, 1982) is director and artistic director of Stichting Nieuwe Helden and presenter of Kunstuur (AvroTros). Lucas has an impressive amount of energy that flows in all directions: he creates theatrical productions, visual art installations, performances and projects that go beyond the disciplines. He marvels, scatters, amazes, confuses. The goal is to come to an encounter: a moment when you don't have to, a moment in which you as a person can be yourself. He made many projects at Het Zuidelijk Toneel, including; 'De Man in Asia', 'De Man is Lam', 'Democracy 3.0', 'De Bastaard' and this season he is involved in the performance 'And they lived happily ever after'.

At Het Zuidelijk Toneel you get to know yourself. In performances and projects you meet the world, you discover new insights and you are surprised. We set up theatrical encounters that stimulate the audience to look at the world differently. As a contemporary cartographer, Het Zuidelijk Toneel has developed into a unique company: committed, innovative and always focused on the theme of the Other and Being Other.


Maker Bas van Rijnsoever
Dramaturgie Lucas De Man, Piet Menu
Film Tim van den Heuvel
Creatief producent Valene Lontanga
Scenografie Gijs Leijdekkers