Rappe en de Rots

Tg. Winterberg
Sat 6 Jan 14:00
6 Jan

The world is always 'on'. There is always something happening everywhere. Stimuli alternate at lightning speed and feed the hunger for more. Do you see everything? Don't you miss anything? Standing still is not an option, because standing still is boring. Rappe en de Rot is a poetic performance with puppets and objects, quick questions and slow answers. Multiple Silver Cricket winner Marlyn Coetsier looks for the balance between running, flying, everything and nothing at all. Because somewhere in the middle it is nice to stay.

Everyone calls him Rappe
for he hurries from hot to her.
Rappe that always rages,
very fast and miles away.
Day in day out
and back and forth,
runs raging Rappe as fast as lightning.

“The faster you go
the more you see.
Because when you stand still
then you are not alive!”

For Rappe, running is the answer to all questions. When he runs, he feels strong, he always arrives on time and no one can catch him. That's why he keeps going. Around the world a hundred times. Until one day, BAM!, he bumps into Rots.

Rots says you can see a lot more when you stand still.
Rots says you can think that faster if you slow down.
Rots sometimes says nothing at all.

The performance is inspired by the picture book Haast by Stéphane Servant. This book will be available after the performance


Concept Tg. Winterberg
Spel, vormgeving en poppen Marlyn Coetsier
Regie Rob Vriens