Ping Win

House of Nouws
Fri 29 Dec 15:00
29 Dec

Everything becomes a Ping Win. Or do you see something different?

Stage poetry for everyone over the age of three.

Ping Win is a performance about change for toddlers & preschoolers and their adults. Ping Win lives in a black and white world where everything becomes a penguin. Even the garbage can suddenly seems to have a beak. Then suddenly someone full of color walks into this black and white life.

Everything changes all the time. You too. You start doing it as soon as you come into the world. The arrival of a second one sets everything in motion. Suddenly all the rules of the game have changed. This can all be quite complicated as a toddler or preschooler. Will you change with us? Or does only everything else change? A performance with primary shapes and colors, specially made for our youngest target group.


Regie Sanne Nouws
Spel Femke Arnouts en Bryan Atmopawiro / Tegest Pecht-Guido
Kostuums Sanne Lips
Decor Catharina Scholten
Lichtontwerp Wilfred Loopstra
Muziek Daniël van Loenen
Educatie Cindy Liebregts
Productie Joppe Kos
Technisch producent Bo van Vliet
Acquisitie & tourneeplanning Bureau Berbee & Jansen
Met dank aan Liesje Knobel en Nina Fokke