What Ever Happened to Mr. Pete?

Het Zuidelijk Toneel
Fri 15 Dec 20:30
15 Dec

What Ever Happened to Mr. Pete is not your usual play. This alienating theater experience is a search for the truth behind Mr. Pete. Who is he? And who are we actually? A necessary question in times of algorithms, digitization and the celebration of our happiness as free individuals. A performance about loneliness, communality and loss of control. Losing grip and feeling alone in it. A shared quest, because Mr. Pete gets to know himself in short, funny scenes, populated by a motley crew of characters.

Based on the work of Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett, Luis Buñuel and David Lynch, director Sarah Moeremans and writer Joachim Robbrecht are making a performance about Mister Pete. Airy, crispy and with sufficient philosophical firmness. Generously invested with fun and inventiveness. Sarah Moeremans and Joachim Robbrecht prove once again that lightheartedness can also be very serious. Or as Joachim describes the performance: “There is no rope to tie or hang yourself from.”

At Het Zuidelijk Toneel you get to know yourself. In performances and projects you meet the world, you discover new insights and you are surprised. They set up theatrical encounters that stimulate the audience to look at the world differently.
As a contemporary cartographer, Het Zuidelijk Toneel has developed into a unique company: committed, innovative and always focused on the theme of the Other and Being Other.
Piet Menu is at the head as curator and initiator. Together with future artistic director & director Sarah Moeremans and in collaboration with the best theater makers, we tell the stories the world needs. In times when a world scribbles straight through ingenuity and creativity, Het Zuidelijk Toneel shows itself with performances and innovative projects.


Regie & tekst Sarah Moeremans
Dramaturgie & tekst Joachim Robrecht
Tekst & spel Joep van der Geest, Gillis Biesheuvel, Judith van den Berg
Spel Ousmane Bangura, Luca Bötzel, Teun Donders, Myrthe van der Vuurst de Vries
Artistiek advies Piet Menu
Kostuumontwerp Daphne de Winkel
Kostuums Ilse Vermeulen
Lichtontwerp Stan Bannier
Decorontwerp Sarah Moeremans
Technisch geluidsontwerp Timo Merkies
Productie Ellen van Bunnik

“Acteur Joep van der Geest weet Mr. Pete met weinig woorden en terugtrekkende motoriek prachtig gestalte te geven. Aan de andere kant van het oudroze gordijn zal Gillis Biesheuvel als tweede Mr. Pete vast evenveel ontroering en sympathie opwekken.”

de Volkskrant, ★★★★