The Previous Owner

Dunja Jocic
Thu 30 Nov 20:30
30 Nov

In a near future, a dying man's brain is successfully uploaded to a young body. When it turns out that some of the spirit of the previous owner is still present in the body, a battle ensues between dance and text, with the newly created being at stake.

The Previous Owner is a co-production between BIRD Production, Club Guy & Roni and Grand Theater Groningen


Choreografie en regie Dunja Jocic
Dans Kalin Morrow met Tom Jansen
Schrijver Rik van den Bos
Concept en dramaturgie Marinus Groothof
Componist Renger Koning
Licht ontwerp Wil Frikken
Kostuum Maartje Prins
Geluid Seb Jongejans