Circumstances | Piet van Dycke
Fri 24 Nov 20:30
24 Nov

'GLORIOUS BODIES' is a physical, moving and hopeful circus and dance performance about the carrying capacity of our body. About seeing and being seen, about the boundary between classical and contemporary circus with six acrobats between the ages of 53 and 67 with a past in (more) classical circus. Circus history archived in the body.

Old age / aging is still a taboo subject in our society and certainly within the circus world. Like top athletes, most acrobats stop training intensively after a certain age. How do those most perfect bodies transform? As a human being, can you ever make peace with your own body? Can you be completely in harmony? 'GLORIOUS BODIES' sheds light on the process of aging in a special way. Something that happens to all of us, right now, right now.

The performance is based on partner acrobatics and movement. It breaks clichés around the older generation. An impressive, charming and humorous performance that shows what humans and the human body are capable of, and it clearly has no age limit.

Circumstances is the circus and dance company under the artistic direction of Piet Van Dycke. Circumstances develops, produces and distributes wordless, impactful circus and dance performances, in which Van Dycke works as a choreographer with circus performers. We always create in/for/with other Circumstances (circumstances): location and/or theater performances from different circus disciplines, with children/young people/elderly, for different target groups.

Piet Van Dycke works as a dance and circus maker, performer, coach and teacher at various art organizations. For example, he has been active for several years at dOFt, fABULEUS, Cie Woest, TeaTime Company and LAP. In 2018 he graduated as a choreographer from the Fontys School of the Arts in Tilburg. For the next 3 years he will work under PLAN – a development platform in Brabant (NL). He won the Jacques de Leeuw prize in 2018, was chosen as 'most promising maker' by reviewers Wendy Lubberding and Annette Embrechts in both 2019 and 2020 and won the BNG Bank Dance Prize 2021.


Concept, choreografie Piet Van Dycke
Performers Winfried Deuling, Astrid Schöne, Det Rijven, Thorsten Bohle, Paul Griffoen en Johannes Fischer Muziek Kris Auwers
Dramaturgie Marie Peeters
Installatie Arjan Kruidhof
Productie Circumstances vzw
Coproductie PLAN, Festival Circolo, DansBrabant, Cirklabo, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof, PERPLX, Perpodium
Met steun van de Vlaamse Overheid, Grensverleggers/deBuren, Sabam for Culture
Met dank aan Miramiro, Destelheide, Wybren Wouda