De Zieke Geest

André Manuel
Fri 17 Nov 20:30
17 Nov

Man, it remains an enigmatic creature. Because why does one choose a career as a porn actor while the other does not get any further than masturbating carefully with the latest Wehkamp guide. And why is it that it is always men who aspire to a job as a serial killer, while all women get no further than a role as a victim? How does a man become a war criminal and how does a man become an angel of peace? What is the difference between a clown and a president? Is there good without evil? Is black possible without white? And what do we do with all the gray? These are questions that Manuel will find an answer to. In The Sick Mind. Part 1 of an already legendary triptych. The Divine Body and The Lonely Soul will follow later. But that will come. Now first The Sick Mind. Manuel's 18th program. Grown up at last!

'Tere zielen hebben bij Manuel niks te zoeken. Hij stampt graag op tenen en trakteert de bezoekers daarbij uitdagend op een triomfantelijke blik en een sardonische grijns. Tegelijk voel je de ironische onderlaag als hij zich portretteert als de strijder voor het vrije woord.'

NRC, ★★★★