Doe eens lief

Maas Theater en Dans
Sun 15 Oct 11:00
15 Oct

In Doe eens lief we practice the art of being sweet. With few words and a lot of climbing, falling, drawing, arguing, dancing and colliding.

How do you argue with your favorite stuffed animal? Are monsters sometimes sad? How do you catch a dot? When do you say sorry? Can you love a monster? And how do you dance when your anger is in your legs? Do it sweet is a cheeky, visual and physical ode to practicing being sweet.

Two players create together on the spot a world full of petty quarrels and big attempts at making amends. In a white setting, they bring live animations to life. They draw a dot, a mosquito, a boat, a dream, a monster or an endless sea. As fast as they run and stumble, the world they made is gone too. To then create a new world in which they can disappear.

Sara Giampaolo and Anne Fé de Boer
“Every day we tell children to do something better. Against each other, against us, against the world. If you learn how to really love someone or something as a child, hopefully you will be able to do that later as an adult. To really learn to love, you must also learn to argue. And discover that monsters are part of life and that it might be nice to love your monsters sometimes. We thought this fact would be interesting to investigate with and for little ones and then translate it into their perception of the world.”

After the performance, there is an interactive post-program between the players and the audience.


Concept Anne Fé de Boer, Sara Giampaolo
Regie Sara Giampaolo
Spel/dans Anne Fé de Boer, Art Srisayam, Carole van Ditzhuyzen (alternate Anne-Fé de Boer)
Live animaties Anne Fé de Boer
Muziek Frans Baudoin
Decor Peter Raaijmakers
Licht Jeroen Melsen
Coaching Moniek Merkx
Met dank aan Dorien Folkers, Joke Meijer

"Een beeldende, mysterieuze en grappige oefening in goedmaken voor kinderen vanaf twee jaar"