Best Of

Tobi Kooiman
Fri 6 Oct 20:30
6 Oct

Tobi Kooiman is a comedian, stand-up comedian, mathematician and stoic. He tries to tackle life issues and everyday issues with his sense of logic, sees (non-)causal connections and unravels misuse of statistics. Clear right? On stage, yes; beyond that, it invariably puts him in wonderful situations. He accepts that the audience laughs unabashedly through his stories.

''Tobi Kooiman throws a barrage of jokes, almost all of which hit the spot. (…) A true feast for theatergoers.” According to the Camerette jury. A sold-out Old Luxor Theater awarded him the Audience Award. De Volkskrant tipped him as one of the three greatest comedy talents of 2021, the year in which his first solo performance, 'Best Of', premiered and immediately received ★★★★★ This happens on average once a year!


​Artiest/Productie Tobi Kooiman
Regie Pieter Bouwman 

"Wat een verfrissende wind laat Tobi Kooiman waaien (…) Hoewel je voor een ‘Best Of’ een aantal ‘hits’ moet hebben gehad, zijn die er met deze eerste voorstelling nú al in overvloed", ★★★★★