Martijn Crins
Fri 29 Sep 20:30
29 Sep

It's finally here. Fourteen years after he won both the jury and the audience prize at the Cameretten Festival, Martijn Crins plays his first solo. Through theatre, film, music, football canteens, the necessary pubs, nature reserves and states of mind, he is back as a cabaret artist.

In Mesthoop, Crins happily throws himself into the muck of life. He plays guitar, sings, acts and narrates. About growing up in a Limburg village and feeling lost in the big city. From awkward fatherhood to Alfons de Moppenman, from the Trojan War at secondary school to an ode to the anus. Everything passes.
Mesthoop is a colorful succession of sketches, songs and stories. Not a well-rounded story, but an energetic, associative search for the answer to that one question: how should life actually be?

Henry van Loon
'Martijn Crins is a born comedian, he has to be on stage. Go see him now, in a year there will be no more cards available, just watch out.”


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Regie Martijn Bouwman 

‘geslaagd debuutprogramma Mesthoop…zowel bijzonder vermakelijk als verfijnd emotioneel…in het rijtje met Theo Maassen en Ronald Goedemondt: fel, beweeglijk, associatief, en niet te beroerd om in de onderbuik van het publiek en van hemzelf te poeren…een complete, veelzijdige cabaretier.’