Ruben Smit, Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern
Tue 16 Aug 16:30
16 Aug

In the newest nature documentary by Dutch film director and Golden Calf winner Ruben Smit (known for his films WAD and De Nieuwe Wildernis), the godwit steals the show. This majestic long legged bird tells the story of how he survives during his world wide travels, finding his way to his breeding area in the Netherlands.

We follow the godwit from Senegal via Portugal to the Netherlands and Estonia. Everywhere people and bird have to fight to survive. Ruben Smit: "The godwit is the ideal story teller of what the contemporary position of nature is in our agricultural landscape and how our national nature is closely connected to nature in other parts of the world."

The number of godwits and world wide agricultural systems have been changing rapidly over the past years. Since the sixties, the godwit population has decreased with almost 70%. The story of this decrease is closely connected to the story of agricultural changes, and not just in the Netherlands. This documentary shows how hard the godwit, the people wanting to protect the bird, and farmers all over the world have to work to survive.

Ruben Smit, Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern
Thu 7 Jul
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