La Despedida

LAVA Collective
Thu 9 Feb 20:30
9 Feb

La Despedida (the moment of saying goodbye) is a search to the basis and strength that hide behind sadness and the (re)-action of saying goodbye. A thoughtful performance with a musical explosion in which emotions heavily surface and love conquers all. A performance about saving and being devastated, carrying and being carried. About the force of the spirit that takes over when the body surrenders. About light, love, letting go and about a new start. All of this in a poetic dance performance.

This programme is Dutch spoken.

LAVA Collective creates honest and haunting dance performances in which the human emotions play a vital role. It always surprises and let's beauty show through the rawness. The performances are labeled as dance concerts. After the powerful Furia (2022), the first full evening performance of LAVA Collective by Patricia van Deutekom, brings the collective the new multidisciplinary show La Despedida.