Club Guy & Roni Invites: Mohamed Yusuf Boss + Lunatics & Poets

Club Guy & Roni
Fri 9 Dec 20:30
9 Dec

Club Guy & Roni asks dance choreographers with whom they feel connected to create new work. This all embedded in the mission of the dance company, to support, guide and create more awareness for the upcoming talent. This time they present a double bill (two shows on one evening) with choreographers Mohamed Yusuf Boss and the duo Anna Jacobs and Hanna van der Meer.

LABA (Somali for two) is about the relationship between the individual and a country or home that officially doesn't exist, like Somalia. In this performance, Yusuf Boss discovers the subject of 'being at home', from the fundamentals of Hip-hop, and the Haka from the Maori. Both styles have a strong collective character. What is similar and where are the differences?

Lunatics & Poets combines multiple disciplines to create a divers dialog. To the list of their most recent work belong the film and theater installation South of No North, and the play I am a poem, there is no way out. Under the wings Club Guy & Roni they'll work with Poetic Disasters Club.