AABZ ’22 TOUR: Rebranding Anarchisme

Abel van Gijlswijk
Fri 16 Dec 20:30
16 Dec

Capitalism has devastated the earth. It is our own fault since we have done nothing to stop it and because we didn't believe in an alternative. This stops with AABZ '22 TOUR: Rebranding Anarchisme.

This programme is Dutch spoken.

The magician AABZ will condition your mind within a sizzling hour to a mousse with only 5648 crystal clear answers and a lot of music. After which he will give you new ways to think. A guarantee on salvation? 200%. You want to know, he already does. Enlighten yourself. Staying at home means to be complicit.

We'll do everything in our power to make sure the shows can go on, but if one must be cancelled, you'll receive an e-mail and a refund.

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