Second Life

SHIFFT | Jasper van Luijk
Fri 19 May 20:30
19 May

Second life is current dance performance about the longing for a new identity, a second life. A layered performance designed from different perspectives, because how irresistible is a double life?

The intriguing love duet Second Life is inspired by the famous choreography Live (1979) from Hans van Manen. Choreographer Jasper van Luijk chooses forty years later for a new perspective. He places the couple in the midst of a forcefield of images, sound and choreography.

With the addition of a camera man, the dynamic between the dancers changes. The registration of movement leads to a chain reaction and shows the audience a parallel performance on screen. Dancers get caught up in their search for identity and their love makes room for egocentrism. They are both dancing the dance of their lives, but when the curtain falls, they've gone beyond the point of no return. 

Van Luijk moves on the theatrical differences of theater and film and captures a captivating contemporary choreography on screen. From which perspective watches the audience the role of the cameraman? And how are these dancers related to each other as their relationship transforms? Is this a dance performance or a film?

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