De Toneelschuur producties | Jessie L’Herminez
Fri 28 Apr 20:30
28 Apr

Dieven form Dea Loher is a black comedy in which twelve lost souls dream of a better life. Spying on each other and afraid of the unknown they wrestle themselves through the days, their relationships and their being. The colourful characters are alienated of themselves and the others look imprisoned by the society that doesn't seem to need them anymore.

This programme is Dutch spoken.

Director Jesse L'Herminez paints in this play crystal clear, tragicomic picture of twelve individuals that live on the outskirts of the city. Their twelve storylines slide past each other like floating islands. Just as she becomes desperate while looking for a little bit of support.

We'll do everything in our power to make sure the shows can go on, but if one must be cancelled, you'll receive an e-mail and a refund.

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Productie Toneelschuur Producties 
Regie Jessie L'Herminez 
Tekst Dea Loher 
Spel Nanette Edens, Arthur Harshagen, Nick Livramento Silva, Mara van Vlijmen, Nimuë Walraven, Maurits Wijmenga 
Beeld + Geluid Pensive Vivifier
Licht Casper Leemhuis 
Kostuum Lisanne Bovée 
Scenografie Jessie L'Herminez + Lisanne Bovée 
Advies dramaturgie Doke Pauwels 
Coaching scenografie Sanne Danz 
Regie assistent Sophie Dixon 
licht assistent Catoo Lustig 
Campagnebeeld Annaleen Louwes + Esther Noyons