Geschiedenis van geweld

Toneelschuur producties | Abdel Daoudi en Eelco Smits
Fri 2 Dec 20:30
2 Dec

Abdel Daoudi directs the play of Geschiedenis van Geweld, the second autobiographical novel of the great actor Édouard Louis. It is the first time that Geschiedenis van Geweld in The Netherlands is performed on stage.

This programme is Dutch spoken.

Édouard meets Reda on Christmas eve. They talk, flirt and eventually spent the night in Édouard’s apartment. Reda talks about his childhood, about his father that had to run and the violence he faced. The next morning Reda pulls out his gun and rapes Édouard. Racism, homophobia and obscure power structures that are closely intertwined with our society come to light in the reactions about this dramatic event.

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