Jack Wouterse
Thu 16 Mar 20:30
16 Mar

After 20 years, Dutch actor Jack Wouterse brings his solo performance Keefman, an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Jan Arends, back to the stage. This is the well-told, clear and intense story of a psychiatric patient who knows he should do things differently, but can't see how.

Please note, this show will be in Dutch.

Keefman furiously confronts his treating psychiatrist. He verbally shows him every corner of the room by asking rhetorical questions, blaming him and the rest of the world for every imaginable breath of headwind he experiences. What initially seems to be a complaint against our current society also becomes the portrait of an extraordinary character.

In a whirlwind of emotions, Jack Wouterse takes the audience on a trip through the internal world of a psychiatric patient. He gives inability and powerlessness a voice and evokes feelings of empathy, rejection, anger, compassion and grief.

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