The Incredible Shrinking Man

Arne Hendriks and Club Gewalt
Fri 21 Oct 20:30
21 Oct

In this artistic, speculative research, artist Arne Hendriks explores the possiblities to create a human being that's only 50 centimeters tall, so he will be better suited to survive on earth. Hendriks shares his unique vision and knowledge on shrinkage and invites you to think with him and actress Isil Vos about the dilemmas, ambiguity and challenges that come with it.

Please note, this performance will be in Dutch.

Hendriks will be on stage with Club Gewalth (recently awarded the Best of European Theatre by the New York Times) which created a performanceband based on his research, especially for this show: Mini Miss Miraculous. This band is an oracle form the future that preaches the shrinking gospel. According to Mini Miss Miraculous, the human body should shrink to only 50 centimeters tall to save the earth from future destruction. With hypnotizing hyper pop songs and enchanting choreographies, Mini Miss Miraculous stimulates the audience's desire for degrowth.

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