Familie Wolf komt hier wonen (6+)

Boeschoten & Guthman & STIP
Thu 29 Dec 14:00
29 Dec

When brother and sister Wolf are hunting for a new habitat, but accidentally end up at a theatre stage. There, they are suddenly facing a herd of audience staring at them, seemingly not willing to step aside. What starts off as an observing nature documentary, soon derails into a humorous confrontation between wolf and audience.

Please note, this performance will be in Dutch.

What are the wolves supposed to do with this audience? And who is responsible for the voice over that seems to know everything about them? Don't make the mistake to relax and sit back, because the wolves are very curious and merciless. They turn everything upside down and challenge you to discover differences between yourself and other, only to find out that you might not be as normal as you thought you were.

This performance is an interactive, philosophical parable that will make you think about everything that might seem so obvious.

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