Wim Klein, the last human computer

Theater Adhoc
Thu 17 Nov 20:30
17 Nov

In this performance, Jan van den Berg and the band VLEK combine rock and jazz songs with the great life story of Wim Klein, the last human computer.

Please note, this show will be in Dutch.

Wim Klein worked for almost twenty years as scientific mental calculator at the international physics laboratory in Geneva, but due to the increasingly fast development of electronic calculators, he became unnecessary and made it into the history books as 'the last human computer'.

Jan van den Berg (text and lyrics, music and play) makes shows at the cutting edge between theatre and happy science. About this performance, he says: "Wim Klein has experienced better than anyone what it means to be overtaken by ever growing technologies. A destiny that actually awaits us all. But I want to sing about and celebrate how that actually made him live his life to the fullest."

VLEK (music) is an exceptionally motivated and self-willed collective of musicians that have roots in improvised music, jazz and alternative rock. VLEK guarantees you a musical, groovy, unusual, unabashedly, humorist and ever adventurous live experience!

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