Infinity Chan

Eva Line de Boer and Het Zuidelijk Toneel
Fri 14 Oct 20:30
14 Oct

How close can you emotionally get to someone whose way of thinking is miles away from your own ideologies? At what point would it no longer be ethically responsible to be empathetic? Who has to take responsibility when digital creations start to live a life of their own? And what would happen if the internet had a consciousness; what would it think and do? This performance is an uncanny immersion into a world inspired by anime. 

Please note, this show will be in Dutch.

A woman tries to find shelter in the dark depths of the internet. She creates avatars and lets them do things she would herself never dare to do in real life, but then the fysical and digital world start merging into one another without her realizing it...

Eva Line de Boer is fascinated by public intimacy. Her shows often take place in grey areas: between the online and offline world, between truth and fiction, fantasy and reality, or between life and death. She also  has a great passion for the internet and the possibilities it offers for unapologetically being yourself, or being someone complete different. She coproduces theatrical encounters that stimulate the audience to look at the world in a new way with different partners such as Het Zuidelijk Toneel for this particular performance.

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