Jip Smit
Thu 24 Nov 20:30
24 Nov

On 'The Islands' men become eighty years old, whereas women live for only three days. But then Katinka is born... Solo performance Motherland is an ode to the fantasy genre and tells the story of a pugnacious woman that is different from everyone else and fights against the establishment.

Please note, this performance will be in Dutch.

By distancing ourselves from reality, we are not only able use our imagination in a better way, but also reflect on and question it. And if we do that, we might find out that the inhabitants of 'The Islands' are actually not as different from ourselves as we would initially think.

Main character Katinka ventures into a quite dangerous search for her identity in this performance full of dark humour, that could be described as a meeting between Game of Thrones and The Office. Contemporary themes like normative thinking and gender balances are being questioned and Katinka will have to face the demons from her past to be able to free herself from prevailing norms. 

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